Monday, April 04, 2005

Blown Away

Over the weekend, three rainstorms converged over the New York area to create a swirling mess of wind and rain. I had the fortune to be spending Saturday night at Giants Stadium for the MetroStars - Real Salt Lake MLS Season Opener. Outside the stadium, light stanchions shook in the rain. Small children were blown away from their parents. Parking attendants were surly.

Inside the stadium, goal kicks traveled 20 feet before getting cut down by the wind. Longballs blew far in front of intended players. Corner kicks went nowhere near the goals. The match finished in a scoreless draw, which was a fair result for both teams.

The Metro (0-0-1, 1pt, 4th place) takes a week off before facing Kansas City (1-0-0, 3pts, 1st place) at the Swamp on April 16th.


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