Thursday, December 14, 2006

Silly Season

Step right up! Step right up and guess who'll be on the Red Bulls' 2007 roster! Take a guess! It don't cost nothing!

We're only two weeks away from the opening of the European transfer window, when Sporting Director Bruce Arena will begin to spend Herr Mateshitz's dollars on talent designed to pack the swamp come tax day vs. the Moo Cows. Who'll be the lucky enlistee to the Taurine Army? If you believe anything you read, here are some of the names being bandied about (thanks to Metrofanatic):

Nedved (!)
de la Pena

With two Desginated Player slots available, Red Bull fans should expect nothing less than a BIG name. Two even. After all, since Arena arrived, all we've been hearing is "it's all about next year." Well next year is almost here, and after eleven mediocre seasons, a hefty chunk of salary cap to spend, and the trade of club MVP Guevara, New York fans should finally, FINALLY get a superstar (pardons to Mr. Matthaeus). Make our day.

Of course, adding a superstar won't create team chemistry. The current roster is without these ten 2006 Red Bulls:

*Edson Buddle (trade w/Toronto)
*Youri Djorkaeff (retired)
Jordan Cila (retired)

*Amado Guevara (trade w/Chivas)
*Chris Henderson (waived)
*Danny O'Rourke (Expansion Draft)
Peter Canero (waived)
Mark Lisi (retired)

Steve Jolley (waived)

*Tony Meola (waived)
*2006 starter

If history has proven anything, to be successful in the NY market, the Red Bulls must be quick out of the gate. Another 1-1-6 start won't provide much buzz in the market, so Arena must get his stars signed early, and have the majority of the roster complete when training camp starts in late January. Arena's strength is building a cohesive team, so here's to hoping he and his mighty band of UVA alums can get the job done.

RIP Lamar Hunt, and thanks for what you gave us.

Tee hee, Club America. The Red Bulls only lost to Barca by three goals!

Go get 'em, Bob Bradley. Here's to hoping you're on the bench in South Africa in 2010.