Tuesday, September 28, 2004

COMMISHKIN Standings, Week 3

Andy Brown remains the man to beat after week three of Commishkin play across three NFL fantasy games. Dana Atkinson now occupies the cellar. Big mover is Dan Fox (+4 in the standings), big drop is Steve Scheer (-9).

This Week (Change from last week): Player: Fantasy-Pick 'Em-Suicide (Standing for each game), then Commishkin Points earned for each game (x denotes not participating, t denotes tie):

1 (-): Andy Brown: (1-t1-t1) 8-15-10: 33 Points
2 (+1): Brian Perkis: (x-t1-t1) 0-15-10: 25
t3 (+1): David Cutler: (x-t4-t1) 0-12-10: 22
t3 (+1): Mike Steele: (x-t4-t1) 0-12-10: 22
t5 (-3): Charlie Conrad: (x-t7-t1) 0-9.5-10: 19.5
t5 (+4): Dan Fox: (x-t7-t1) 0-9.5-10: 19.5
7 (-3): Susie Fox: (x-t1-t10) 0-15-3: 18
8 (-4): Brett Friedman: (6-9-t8) 3-8-5.5: 16.5
9 (+1): Drew Sumter: (x-t10-t1) x-5-10: 15
10 (-2): Eric Broder: (5-14-t8) 4-3-5.5: 12.5
11 (-1): Will Caligiuri: (x-t4-x) 0-12-0: 12
12 (+3): Mark Fishkin: (7-t10-t10) 2-5-3: 10
13 (-): Anthony Palomba: (2-x-x) 7-0-0: 7
14 (+2): "Grande Poobah": (3-x-x) 6-0-0: 6
t15 (-2): Adam Lavinsky: (x-t10-x) 0-5-0: 5
t15 (+3): Rob Shapiro : (4-x-x) 5-0-0: 5
17 (-): Matt Feldman: (x-13-x) 0-4-0: 4
18 (+1): Adam Tarsitano (x-x-t10) 0-0-3: 3
t19 (-9): Steve Scheer: (x-15-x) 0-2-0: 2
t19 (-): Kevin West: (x-16-13) 0-1-1: 2
21 (-2): Dana Atkinson: (8-0-0) 1-0-0: 1

The next Commishkin standings will be published no later than October 5th.

Friday, September 24, 2004

High School Reality

Two Blind Brook High School alums are currently starring (?) in two of the top-rated reality series on television:

Twenty-seven year-old Amanda Lawrence (BBHS '95) has survived the first cut on ABC's The Bachelor, Wednesdays at 9pm.

Twenty-six year-old Stacey Rotner (BBHS '96) is in the final fifteen contestants on NBC's The Apprentice, Thursdays at 9pm.

Best of luck to these former Trojans!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

COMMISHKIN Standings, Week 2

After week two of Commishkin play across three NFL fantasy games, Andy Brown has taken the lead. Kevin West is now in the cellar. Big mover is Brett Friedman, big drop is the Commishkin himself.

This Week (Change from last week): Player: Fantasy-Pick 'Em-Suicide (Standing for each game), then Commishkin Points earned for each game (x denotes not participating, t denotes tie):

1 (+1): Andy Brown: (2-t6-t1) 7-11-9: 27 Points
2 (+2): Charlie Conrad: (x-2-t1) 0-16-9: 25
3 (-1): Brian Perkis: (x-t3-t1) 0-14-9: 23
t4 (-): David Cutler: (x-t6-t1) 0-11-9: 20
t4 (+4): Mike Steele: (x-t6-t1) 0-11-9: 20
t4 (+7): Brett Friedman: (6-t9-t1) 3-8-9: 20
t4 (-3): Susie Fox: (x-1-t10) 0-17-3: 20
8 (+2): Eric Broder: (4-t12-t1) 5-5-9: 19
9 (+4): Dan Fox: (x-t9-t1) 0-8-9: 17
t10 (-6): Drew Sumter: (x-t12-t1) 0-5-9: 14
t10 (-1): Will Caligiuri: (x-t3-x) 0-14-0: 14
t10 (+4): Steve Scheer: (x-t3-x) 0-14-0: 14
t13 (+4): Anthony Palomba: (1-x-x) 8-0-0: 8
t13 (-1): Adam Lavinsky: (x-t9-x) 0-8-0: 8
15 (-8): Mark Fishkin: (8-15-t10) 1-3-3: 7
16 (+2): "Grande Poobah": (3-x-x) 6-0-0: 6
t17 (-3): Matt Feldman: (x-t12-x) 0-5-0: 5
18 (+2): Rob Shapiro (congrats on your new son!): (5-x-x) 4-0-0: 4
t19 (+2): Dana Atkinson: (7-17-x) 2-1-0: 3
t19 (-3): Adam Tarsitano: (x-x-t10) 0-0-3: 3
t19 (-): Kevin West: (x-16-13) 0-2-1: 3

The next Commishkin standings will be published on September 29th.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Help the Folks Hurt By the Hurricanes

Folks, the Southeastern US has been hit pretty hard by hurricanes Frances and Ivan, and there are more storms on the way. Sending even $25 to the following charities can help the people in need rebuild:

The American Red Cross
American Jewish World Service
Florida Hurricane Relief Fund


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

COMMISHKIN Standings, Week 1

After the first week of Commishkin play across three NFL fantasy games, Susie Fox leads the pack on the strength of her strong Pick 'Em performance. Dana Atkinson brings up the rear after cellar-dwelling in both Fantasy and Pick 'Em.

Standing: Player: Fantasy-Pick 'Em-Suicide (Rank for each game), then Commishkin Points earned for each game (x denotes not participating, t denotes tie):

1: Susie Fox: (x-1-t1) 0-17-7.5: 24.5 Points
t2: Andy Brown: (1-t8-t1) 8-8-7.5: 23.5
t2: Brian Perkis: (x-t2-t1) 0-16-7.5: 23.5
t4: Charlie Conrad: (x-t4-t1) 0-12.5-7.5: 20.0
t4: David Cutler: (x-t4-t1) 0-12.5-7.5: 20.0
t4: Drew Sumter: (x-t4-t1) 0-12.5-7.5: 20.0
7: Mark Fishkin: (7-t8-t1) 2-8-7.5: 17.5
8: Mike Steele: (x-t8-t1) 0-8-7.5: 15.5
9: Will Caligiuri: (x-3-x) 0-15-0: 15
10: Eric Broder: (4-16-t1) 5-2-7.5: 14.5
11: Brett Friedman: (6-15-t1) 3-3-7.5: 13.5
12: Adam Lavinsky: (x-t4-x) 0-12.5-0: 12.5
13: Dan Fox: (x-t13-t1) 0-4.5-7.5: 12.0
t14: Matt Feldman: (x-t8-x) 0-8-0: 8.0
t14: Steve Scheer: (x-t8-x) 0-8-0: 8.0
16: Adam Tarsitano: (x-x-t1) 0-0-7.5: 7.5
17: Tony Palomba: (2-x-x) 7-0-0: 7.0
18: "Grande Poobah": (3-x-x) 6-0-0: 6.0
19: Kevin West: (x-t13-13) 0-4.5-1: 5.5
20: Rob Shapiro: (5-x-x) 4-0-0: 4.0
21: Dana Atkinson: (8-17-x) 1-1-0: 2.0

The next Commishkin standings will be published on September 21st.

Friday, September 10, 2004

US Squeaks Out of The Zone with a Point

They... can't... finish.

The US Men's National Team's inability to finish scoring chances nearly cost them this past Wednesday night at the Estadio Rommel Fernandez in Panama City, Panama. Playing before a small but vocal Panamanian crowd, the US squandered chance after chance in the game's first 30 minutes, until the Canaleros switched from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3 formation. The extra attacker brought life to the home side, which dominated the World Cup Qualifier throughout the remainder of the match. After a 70th minute Panamanian goal, the US sulked and skittered their way toward their first loss in 26 matches against CONCACAF opponents.

However, Coach Bruce Arena's subbing intuition paid off again as late sub Cobi Jones, in his 163rd appearance with the National team, knocked home a loose ball in the second minute of injury time, to give the US a valuable draw and road point in the qualifying semis. If the US wants to reach Germany 2006, they must find a way to score early in matches, and often. They need to finish their opportunities. It'll only get harder from here.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Come Back Again..

...some other day! Apparently the NYC area survived the RNC convention without a scratch, but the remains of hurricane Frances put a major crimp in the morning's commute. NJ Transit suffered a disabled train between Secaucus & NYC, adding 45 minutes on to a 30-minute morning train ride. The rain also cut off subway service above 42nd Street, and as of 1pm, service was still out or delayed on the A, B, C, D, F, M, N, Q, V, 1/9, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 trains. Boy, if something really bad happens the city, look out.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Well, THAT Happened.

Well, the elephants came and went, messing up a perfectly easy commute for a week. Taking the ferry between Hoboken & W. 38th St. was a nice change of pace, though. What a bizzare time that we live in.

Our Fearless Leader, who skipped out on his service in the Air National Guard, actually has a two-tour war veteran on the ropes for his service record. The NYPD's suspended Habeus Corpus for the week. The Governator had the most memorable line of the week, "girlie men," that Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon used to ridicule him.

Makes you wonder if we'd better off splitting into two nations: Red America, where it's a bright, uneducated, Jeebus-loving, W-monarchy, sunshiney day every single day, and Blue America: where people actually pay attention to what's going on. Oh well, time for fun down the shore...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

21 Ready To Go For First "Commishkin Prize"

Twenty-One NFL fanatics are ready to go for the first-ever "Commishkin" Prize, having entered one or more of three Yahoo! NFL fantasy football games:

-Fantasy Football group: "Heroes of the Gridiron 2004"
-Pro Football Pick' em group: "Psychic Swamis 2004"
-Survival Football group: "Psychic Swamis Suicide '04"

Over the course of the season, the players: Dana Atkinson, Eric Broder, Andy Brown, Will Caligiuri, Charlie Conrad, Dave Cutler, Mark Fishkin, Dan Fox, Susie Fox, Matt Feldman, Brett Friedman, Adam Lavinsky, Anthony Palomba, Brian Perkis, Steve Scheer, Rob Shaprio, Mike Steele, Drew Sumter, Adam Tarsitano, Kevin West, and "Grande Poobah," will be able to follow their combined prognostication prowess on the Kin of Fish blog site. Points/game will be doled out as follows...

Fantasy Football: 8 pts for 1st place, 7 for 2nd, etc.
Pick 'em: 17 pts for 1st, 16 for 2nd, etc.
Survival: 13 pts for 1st, 12 for 2nd, etc.

The player with the most points at the end of the season will win 2 tickets to a 2005 NFL game.

Kickoff is only 8 days away! Enjoy!