Thursday, February 18, 2010

Butts in Seats

The bottom line for any sports franchise, the true determining factor of success is the simple old metric: Butts in Seats.  In the hotel business, this is known as "heads in beds."  Without an historically-strong squad to promote, the club is banking on the allure of Red Bull Arena to drive season ticket sales. For the New York Red Bulls, as they prepare to launch their $200 million temple of wonderment, advance-butt-in-seat reservations have been a little slow at the higher price points. 

We're still clearly in an economic downturn.  Some of the people applying for work at the RBA Job Fair clearly illustrate the point. Last night came the word that the remaining available $3,000 club seats at midfield in the RBA West building would be on sale for 2010 at the cut-rate price of $695, sans access to the fancy-exclusive Club Seats lounge and other full-price benefits.  For the club, it's a chance to make for a more attractive environment.  Remember the empty seats at New Yankee Stadium this year? For fans, the rate cut means an easier opportunity to get the best seats in the house. A fantastic move, frankly that hopefully will get some well-heeled butts in those nice pleather seats.


kilmier said...

The worst part about the Yankees seat situation was that they were always right on camera. The camera at RBA will be pointing towards the sections that are already sold out.

Mr. Fish said...

Agreed, but as we know, there are those in the mainstream media that will be quick to call failure on RBNY, so the more "butts in seats," the better.

Pay per head sportsbook said...

oh I remember that game clearly, I sat in the seat number 225, it was a away from the field, but I was with my friends and we had a hell of a goof time!