Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pacific Northwest Represent, Represent

With today's announcement that Vancouver, and soon Portland, Oregon will be joining MLS in 2011, the Pacific coast clubs will soon be majority in the league. In two years' time, one-third of the league's 18 teams will be in the Pacific Time zone: Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Chivas USA. Fans in the East can anticipate many a late night watching their clubs play out West.

What will an 18-team MLS look like?

Consider FC Dallas heading Eastward for two nine-team conferences:

DC United
FC Dallas
Kansas City
New England
New York
Toronto FC

Chivas USA
Los Angeles
Real Salt Lake
San Jose

Pity St. Louis, who had tried valiantly to shore up their finances over the last year, including added Albert Pujols and Anhueser-Busch to the fold. One would think St. Loo will be a lock for club #19, should that happen for 2012, as Don Garber hinted in today's Vancouver press conference.


Toddzilla said...

I'd be pretty surprised if the league would split the Texas teams. As long they keep an emphasis on the conference setup in general, I doubt they would move natural rivals to separate conferences.

Mr. Fish said...

Yes, but MLS will run almost as a perfect league this year (home/away vs. all teams, extra game vs. 2 teams).

18 teams means h/a vs. 17 others or 34 total league games, making the divisional setup just window dressing anyway.

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I am sorry that we were not able to see those games on ESPN.

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I hope that Portland will win, its my favorite team.

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i support Portland....hoping for a good match....:)

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