Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Father and Son for Photo of the Year

What do you know? A photo of yours truly and his boy has made the finals for U.S. Soccer's Fan Photo of the year!

Won't you be so kind as to give us a click, then click on the "Best Fan Photo" button. Vote for the guy with the "Fish" in his last name.

Much obliged!


aw said...

So I stumble upon your blog for the 1st time today and see the photo I just voted for at ussoccer.com a few hours ago. Good stuff. I wish I lived in a market that was able to attract the National team. I would love to do the same thing with my son one day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fish,

We never met, but I love your stuff. I am going to link this post to my Bulls Roundup later today, along with a vote link.

Congrats bud,

Dave Martinez

Jon Geissler said...

nice picture, i voted!!!
no contest man! you've got this is the bag!

Mr. Fish said...

Thanks, all!

Anonymous said...

An extra vote from Seattle.

Anonymous said...

weird i didn't even realize it was your photo and I voted anyways...congrats it was the best one out of the bunch!

Mr. Fish said...

Many thanks!