Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Behold the New US Jersey...ugh

Can't say that I'm enamored of this pajama-looking kit. The horizontal stripes give the US a softer look that the "Victory"-inspired home shirt the team wore for the '06 World Cup.

The two-toned panels take me back to the early 1980s Land's End catalog. It in word.... eccchhh.

What do you think?


ERic said...

It looks exactly like the sort of thing I would never wear.

Anonymous said...

What is our deal with fiddling with the USMNT kit? Just pick something and stick with it.

ERic said...

You really need to ask that question?

"Regular Price: $69.99"

Anonymous said...

Nice take! I rate the new jersey as okay.

I posted a link to your story at my new soccer community

Soccer Tom