Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yay! Matchtracker!

So US Soccer decides to hastily arrange a friendly with the Scots. I’m all for that. As of today, however, the match will take place the day before the MLS Cup, deflecting attention and possibly key players away from the MLS final, and will only be available on Matchtracker! Way to go!

The last time the two teams met was on May 30th, 1998 at RFK stadium as the sendoff match before the World Cup in France that year. It was played as a doubleheader with the women’s team, which demolished New Zealand in the opener. I was there, along with two pals in a big Sam’s Army section, and the only thing I can remember about the MNT’s scoreless draw with the Scots was the oppressive pre-summer heat. Tough to stand for four hours behind the goal on the day, that’s for sure.

Il Bruce
The Bruce was at the Swamp on Saturday, presumably a lot warmer and drier than me and the ESC as the Metro Boys continued their unbeaten streak under coach MoJo (Yeah, baby!). Arena told the Star’s Ledger’s Frank Giase how tough MLS coaches have it, especially in comparison to front-office types. He’s got a point there. Brucie also inferred that he won’t be around after next summer in Germany. He seemed downright ornery in Jack Bell’s column regarding getting a seed in Deutschland, MLS parity, and Bob Bradley’s future. Geez, pal, lighten up a bit!

Last season, Columbus sped into the MLS Cup playoffs as the top seed in the East and on an 18-match unbeaten streak, only to be quickly dispatched in the first round by New England. History could repeat itself this Saturday in Foxboro, with the Revs on the short end if the young Metro defense can play like it did in NJ. Huge ups to Jason Hernandez and Seth Stammler for their efforts in containing the high-powered Rev offense, which was 2nd best in the MLS regular season. Although MoJo’s job is on the line, the Metro is playing with house money, and hopefully will get a result in the half-melon that is Gillette. I feel sorry for Rev fans that have to stare at a blue tarp the whole game. They deserve better, though most MLS fans were staring at empty seats in all four matches this weekend.

DC has to feel good about their chances at home vs. Chicago on Sunday. I see a 2-0 victory. Boy, did the Quakes take it on the chin vs. LA. San Jose has history on its side, though, and look for Dwayne De to be the deciding factor at Spartan. Quakes, 3-2 on aggregate after extra time. I have no feeling whatsoever about the Dallas-Colorado matchup. In my eyes, neither of these teams have much to offer, though if FC Cows make it to the final, I guess they’ll guarantee only 3,000 empty seats at the Deep Dish for MLS Cup. I keed! I keed!

RIP, Wellington Mara.


brucio said...

lets hope u.s. soccer can get their fox soccer channel or gol tv act together and get the game on the tube for us

D said...

Just a personal note to say that I am impressed you placed the Doohan reference so quickly. My wife actually does that impression perfectly.

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