Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lalas (Sort of) Live

Metro GM Alexi Lalas took time out of his day to tackle some tough questions from fans in a chat on Not only did he field a marketing question from yours truly (3rd question in) but the red-haired one pulled the curtain back a bit to note:
  • Tailgating won't be an option at Harrison, though there will be pubs & restaurants near the stadium
  • Harrison may not be ready for the 2007 season
  • Ticket prices will come down for 2006
  • He loves AC/DC
  • He believes that the US isn't producing "soccer entertainers" on the field
  • Amado Guevara may not be a MetroStar next season
  • He's expecting 20K fans for this Saturday's match vs. DC
  • Daniel Garipe should make his Metro debut vs. DC

By the questions asked, one can ascertain the frustration and gloom that has gripped the Metro nation this season. A win vs. DC and positive results down the stretch will go a long way toward righting the ship, however. Respect to Lalas for answering the tough questions with humor and humility.


incendiarymind said...

On the soccer entertainer comment, I think that's why the league needs to play up its bad boys like Carlos Ruiz (although he's leaving), Clint Mathis, and Landon Donovan. Or at least they should play up the jokes about Landon Donovan. :)

scaryice said...

Harrison is supposed to open in June of 2007.

Mr. Fish said...

Yes, but as all can see in the land of NJ gov't/business... deadlines are made to be pushed back, and back again.