Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Metro Up, Metro Down, Metros from ALL Around

First, the good news: Eddie Gaven was called into another US Soccer training camp as the team prepares for upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

The Metros also added World Cup '98 and Euro 2000 winner Youri Djorkaeff to the squad for at least the 2005 season. While Djorkaeff is 37, he is showing a positive attitude and willingness to fit in and lead the team. He should be huge positive influence on the young Metros. Combined with the addition of longtime US defender Jeff Agoos, the Metros will lead MLS in 37-yr olds this upcoming season.

Then, the bad: apparently the State of NJ has asked the Metros to guarantee the team and league will not fold before funding half of the MetroCentre stadium development in Harrison. New Jersey has asked that the Metros put all profits into an escrow account until the state has re-couped its investment. It's insane. Hey cronies, no risk = no reward!

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