Friday, June 02, 2006


This one didn’t score any points, but our Nats touched down in Hamburg today, where they’ll stay and train before trying to bounce the Czechs on June 12. The hard-cores were in full effect yesterday, with BS’ SoccerScout sending off the team at Newark airport. He’s got some great photos and a nice autographed jersey for his effort. You want to talk about geeked out for our boys? Some loons used the web to follow the Nats’ plane overnight last night to Deutschland.

ESPN/ABC sports have the above Landon & Pope billboard (cell phone photo, sorry) up outside Penn Station in NYC.

Nats on the Web
The Deuce is also doing his thing at his newly launched site. Here's a preview:
Keeper Keller has his final blog posting up at CBS Sportsline as well.

ABC Sports has two hour-long soccer shows this weekend: Tomorrow’s look at the top ten American soccer moments, and Sunday’s World Cup Preview. Krauts vs. Ticos now less than a week away! Woo Hoo!

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