Wednesday, June 28, 2006


When I look back on the US’ experience in the 2006 World Cup, I won’t focus on the lack of offense, lack of breaks, and lack of discretion the referees showed our boys. I’ll try to forget the fear of Landon Donovan, the injury to Claudio Reyna, and the absence of John O’Brien. What I will remember above all that negative karma is the one, pure moment of unadulterated joy for our Yanks, the moment that Clint Dempsey introduced himself to the global soccer community. What I’ll remember was the moment that The Deuce blistered a perfectly-served ball from DaMarcus Beasley past Ghana keeper Richard Kingson to bring the US level in their final group match. Dempsey’s strike set off celebrations from Nuremburg to Hawaii. All the frustration of the Czech debacle and Italian stalemale was momentarily erased by the man from Nacogdoches. While the quality of Clint’s goal dance was debatable, it was the certain fury of his shot that allowed all of US soccer fandom to scream for joy, unabashedly. For that, I thank him, and Beasley, for providing a moment of pure soccer bliss.


Mo’s out. ABMOD’s in. Dunivant’s in. August 15th’s out as Red Bull Park’s groundbreaking. September 16th is in. Over/Under for tonight’s home match: 5,000 fans. Yawn. Wake me when the Red Bulls are worth watching.

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be Soccer Today

Though the World Cup has it’s first day off since June 9th, there’s plenty of stateside soccer going down tonight, including the second round of the 2006 US Open Cup. Brazilian Football legend Romario and his Miami FC club take on amateur side Roma FC in the Dallas suburbs in what could be the night’s biggest mismatch. Here’s tonight’s schedule, with links to audio broadcasts of selected Cup matches, courtesy of the good folks at Enjoy.

Tonight's Schedule (Times EDT):
: MLS: New York – Columbus, MSG, DK
7:30pm: MLS: New England – FC Dallas, FSNE, FSSW, DK
7:30pm: US Open Cup: Charleston (USL1) – Sonoma County (USASA)
7:30pm: US Open Cup: Wilmington, NC (USL2) – Virginia Beach (USL1)
7:30pm: US Open Cup: Michigan (PDL) – Cincinnati (USL2)
7:30pm: US Open Cup: Carolina (PDL) – Richmond (USL2)
7:30pm: US Open Cup: New Hampshire (USL2) – Milford Int’l of CT (USASA)
8:00pm: US Open Cup: Minnesota (USL1) – Des Moines (PDL)
8:30pm: MLS: Kansas City – DC United
8:30pm: US Open Cup: Roma FC of Dallas (USASA) – Miami FC (USL1)
9:00pm: MLS: Chicago – Salt Lake, FS Utah, DK
10:30pm: MLS: Chivas USA – Houston, FSPT, DK

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