Thursday, June 01, 2006

Media Mix

We’re only 8 days away from the biggest party in the soccer world kicking off, and in NYC, the excitement is palpable. Lots of jerseys are visible walking the streets. In the morning walk from Penn Station to midtown, I saw Brazil (x3), England, Portugal, Argentina, France, and Ireland. Mind you, one might see these jerseys any day of the week in the big city, but those wearing them had a little more swagger today. Except for the Irish fan :). Sure wish I could wear my Gooch #22 in the office, but they frown on that here.

The US played a little footy at Chelsea Piers this morning on Good Morning America (cross-promo on the Mouse Network) before jetting off to Deutschland today.

Both ESPN (the magazine) and Sports Illustrated graced us soccer fans with their quadrennial cover story. Neither pub picked the Yanks to escape Group E, which is just as well considering the team’s less-than-dominating performance during last week’s Send-Off-Series. As we all know, greater attention will lead to a greater let-down and derision should the Nats pull a three-and-out.

Big ups to Nike for covering a downtown Hartford parking garage with a US jersey, above (HT: Shelly).

NPR’s Tom Goldman has a nice audio preview of the US team.

Just in time from Steven and Harry Stark comes the “Smart Geopolitical Guide” to the World Cup. Only $2 for the four-book series! Support soccer, folks!

Jaime on High

As a Metro/RB fan, I have nothing but disdain for DC United’s Jaime Moreno, but it’s hard not to give the Bolivian striker his due after becoming only the 2nd player in MLS history to hit the triple digits in goals in his club’s 5-1 pasting of injury-riddled Columbus last night at RFK. Moreno has truly been a cornerstone of the league since '96.

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