Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Facing the Media

Red Bulls Media Day was yesterday, and MetroFanatic has a great series of interviews up as usual. Look here to see some video yesterday's event at B.B. King’s in Times Square. Nice to see MSG paying attention, though they’re really just promoting one of the few sports properties they have left on their programming roster. No official news yet of the Jean-Philippe Peguero for Thiba + a draft pick trade, or for the opening day halftime show yet… but patience is a virtue. RBNY is running a daily giveaway as the countdown to opening day continues and fans can enter every day until April 8th. Nice. Lots of “season preview” stories are popping up national newspapers – give ‘em a look. Big ups to poster "The Pebble" for a story on the inching forward on the Harrison stadium... but shouldn't these steps have happened sometime in the past 5 years?

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