Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Being Green

Michael Lewis reports today that the Red Bulls' home opener will be played on grass, a huge step towards a more asthetically pleasing experience for RBNY fans and a safer one for the team itself. If you listen closely you can hear Youri Djorkaeff's knees thanking the team's Austrian overlords. Will the entire season be played on the natural stuff? We'll see.

Amado (the pout) Guevara has apparently recieved his green card, opening up another SI slot for the team. Will Alexi & Mo be able to find an affordable foriegner to put the bulge in the old onion bag? Any time now would be great.

Also, in a major improvement over the 2005 season, RBNY has secured television coverage for all of the team's league matches this year on MSG (24 times) and FSN (6 times). A 30-minute pre-game show, "Running With the Bulls," will appear before most matches. The team will also appear two times on ESPN2. Nice job, front office.

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