Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thought Starters

There's so much good soccer news and commentary on the web these days that it's difficult to separate the truly thought provoking from the run-of-the-mill stuff. Here are a few prized pieces of editorial that will leave you have some deep thoughts:

The terrific Kevin McGeehan (formerly of the superb Round Not Oval) at the US Players site has been spoiled by the "authentic" soccer atmosphere of RFK as he describes his experience at a recent match at Crew Stadium. Methinks that most MLS matches smell closer to CMB than DC, a result of MLS' decision to target the low-hanging youth soccer crowd first and foremost.

Yanks Abroad's Kenya Brown surmises that the way that American soccer can improve from here is with a permanent training center on the European continent. After all, the US currently dominates CONCACAF. and only by playing the top Euro nations on a regular basis, will the US reach the next level. The big question is, will they play us?

Sports Illustrated adds to its soccer-writing stable with a weekly column by Ryan Hunt. Definitely worth a bookmark. While not newsy, Hunt's piece does a good job summarizing the weeks that were in MLS.

Viva original content! MLS has started its own web video show "Extra Time" found on the site's Video/Audio page. Shep and JP chime in this week. Don't expect too much criticism of the league, but "ET" should make fans eventually forget MLS Wrap. It's no MSG Soccer Report, though. We miss you, Ethan Zohn!

Lastly, (somewhat) breaking news... Jason Kries retires to take the reins as RSL coach! Wow! Not that the Wasatch club can do any worse... but goodness! Not even a testimonial for the league's all-time leading scorer? Maybe this summer.

Red Bulls-Fake Salt Lake preview to come tomorrow, along with your weekend TV listings.

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