Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Looking Down from the Pinnacle of MLS

New York fans couldn't have asked for a better April 2007. Not only are the Red Bulls sitting on top of the MLS table... not only has New York yet to suffer a single goal against, setting a league record... not only will the team improve when DP Juan Pablo Angel get his visa... not only has 17-year old Jozy Altidore out Adu'd Freddy Adu by actually realizing his promise... but the hated scum of RFK have laid a big goose egg this month, going zero for three against the vaunted competition of Colorado, Kansas (We beat TFC twice) City, and Columbus. The future for the Red Bulls is so bright, one must put on those shades. Even the reserve squad has started the season undefeated.

Is it early to be this excited? Surely, but give those long-suffering Metro/RB fans a break. They've had so little to crow about for so so long, that if the wheels start to come off, a few weeks of pride will have been well worth it.

The Taurine Machine heads West this week with a league match at the cellar-dwelling sons of Utaw, and a US Open Cup quallie at the Tool Box vs. the Gals (previews to come later this week).

Gnats Go Boom
Let's hear it for the US U-17s, who started World Cup Qualifying with a bang in Kingston yesterday with a 3-0 spanking both Trinidad AND Tobago. Portland, Oregon's Alex Nimo banged in two goals in the victory. Our boys take on Canada tomorrow in the quest to reach this year's signature event, to be held in South Korea from August 18-September 9th.


Nick said...

Oh my! Enjoy your April because you surely won't be anything to talk about in Nov:) NY always blows and you shouldn't expect that to change. Let's not forget that your team had to hire a whole bunch of ex-DC United players/coaches to which you owe this recent run of success. So, perhaps instead of calling the United Nation scum...you should be thanking us. You're welcome for your April! We're the ones that brought it to you anyway...enjoy you sad sad sad NY fan.

PS: Really I'm happy for you guys...still can't wait to see you wearing a DCU Black jersey by the end of the season:)

Mr. Fish said...

Wow! Adversity is tough, now, isn't it?! Such venom! Thanks for the note, Nick. Hopefully, your boys will get a win one of these days & you'll have something to smile about... and soon!

Seriously, thanks for the note!

Kali said...

Pretty sure you guys will be picking up another win this weekend unless the entire RSL team gets abducted by aliens before then or something.

Bitter in SLC

Nick said...

Well I don't know about the alien theory but...Fish your blog rocks! Even if you are a NY fan:) To be honest...I'm on edge for the first time in a while with the United/NE match hanging over me tomorrow. Come on United!

Mr. Fish said...

Thanks, Nick. Should be a great match tonight.