Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What NY Sports Fans Watched 10/7/06

The Red Bulls-Colorado match on MSG pulled a 0.2 in the New York DMA on Saturday, doubling the television rating for NJ Devils and NY Islanders matches on the same day. Here's a sampling of sports ratings, courtesy of the Newark Star-Ledger. In the NY DMA, each ratings point represents 74,000 households.

Saturday, October 7th:
Mets-Dodgers: 14.9
Yankees-Tigers: 12.6
Padres-Cardinals: 2.7
Stanford-Notre Dame: 1.9
Arkansas-Auburn: 1.4
LSU-Florida: 1.1
Texas-Oklahoma: 1.0
Tennessee-Georgia: 1.0
Clemson-Wake Forest: 0.9
Michigan-Michigan State: 0.5
Rangers-Flyers: 0.5
South Carolina-Kentucky: 0.4
NTRA Horse Racing: 0.4
Oregon-California: 0.3
Red Bulls-Rapids: 0.2
Pittsburgh-Syracuse: 0.2
Devils-Stars: 0.1
Islanders-Sharks: 0.1

Some observations:
  • Even though the Mets were in prime time, I'm floored that they drew more than the Yankees
  • I guess horse racing still has an audience
  • There's A LOT of college football on television
  • RBNY should feel good about the interest in the club, now the front office has to get folks off their couches & into the stadium. Harrison can't get here soon enough

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