Thursday, September 15, 2005

At the Cope-ah

United v. Catolica (AP)
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Have to say that I’m happy that mid-week Cup matches have become a part of the US soccer culture, especially when the games had such meaning. DC’s 1-1 draw vs. U. Catolica in the Copa Sudamericana Wednesday night was a tense affair, and kudos to FSC for picking up the broadcast. Catolica looked more relaxed and experienced than DC, and the late first-half goal certainly added to their confidence. Give DC credit, though, for attacking well against the bunkered Chileans. United maintained possession well through stretches of the match, and definitely earned their draw. Big ups to super sub Jamil Walker on his goal. Based on the matchup, though, I’d be floored if DC was able to get a result in Chile later this month.

Unfortunately, neither of the two USOC semifinals were televised. Congrats to FC Dallas and LA Galaxy for making to the final on Sept. 28th (GolTV) at the HDC. What this tournament really needs is some marketing muscle behind it, however. If US Soccer marketing was smart (hmm…) they’d try to sell the title sponsorship of the tournament to an MLS/SUM sponsor. How about “The Pepsi Lamar Hunt US Open Cup,” rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? A title sponsor could build awarness of the event, big time. Anyway, I’m glad to hear how seriously the players take one of the oldest tournaments in modern North American sports. If only the fed, leagues, and teams took the Cup that seriously.


Squirrel said...

Yea, the Thunder had a nice roll in the Cup. Especially for a USL team and they beat 3 MLS teams to get there.

Eric PZ said...

I can't seem to find my blog...but last year I blogged that USSF should sell title sponsorship and suggesteed the Budweiser Open Cup (with Hunt thrown in there if needed) At a minimum, they could cover the cost of televising some of the games.

Either way, put me down as someone who's in agreement with you. :)