Thursday, September 01, 2005

Are the Arenas a Nielsen family?

Bruce Arena (Allsport)
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Yesterday US Coach Bruce Arena told the US soccer community to “put up or shut up,” in discussing the challenges that the USSF had in getting Saturday’s WCQ with Mexico on live, English-language television. To Il Bruce, I say, no matter how many friends I invite over to watch the match, no matter how many friends and family members I tell to watch the match, it won’t make a bit of difference on the television rating that Saturday’s match collects. Why? Because I’m not, or don’t have access to a Nielsen family.

It’s hard to believe, but the nation’s television ratings are determined by an ever-changing list of 5,100 households across America. 28,000 more households in top cities are measured for local market ratings. Maybe the USSF should spend a little of their reported $30 million surplus on advertising its matches to help casual soccer fans find the matches on television. I mean ESPN Classic is a little tougher to locate on the dial than say, ABC. To the Fed, I say, YOU put up. Then Bruce, you shut up.

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scaryice said...

There really should be some kind of conspiracy to get nielsen boxes into the hands of soccer supporters.