Wednesday, March 23, 2005

US-Mexico: Wednesday Press

We start off today with the transcript of Arena the Bruce's conference call at US Soccer. Here's my favorite part:

Reporter: Why do you think the U.S. has had so much trouble in Mexico and what might be different this time to tip the game in our favor?
Arena: How many teams have won in Mexico in the last 30 years? Can you answer that question?
Reporter: Not off hand.
Arena: How about if I said ‘one.'

Mark Zeigler of the SD Union Tribune has a piece about a huge 1991 US win over Mexico that started the Yanks' strong run against the tricolores.

Bob Roberts (no, not Tim Robbins) of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has a short piece about the altitude factor.

Storied soccer writer Paul Gardner talks about national pride in this story from the New York Sun (reg. req'd).

The match will also get some well-deserved attention in this week's Sports Illustrated, as well as an episode of ESPN "Outside the Lines," to be shown Sunday morning at 9:30.

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