Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Own Shingle

So I've been doing the podcast thing for a year or two now, showing up on shows like MatchFit USA (My first podcast foray) Winning Ugly, SoccerLens, Inside the Six, and Around the League (formerly The MLS Show).  It finally dawned on me that there's a need out there for more and more Red Bulls content.  So.  I reached out to some of the best Red Bulls bloggers on the web, Dave Martinez from The Offiside, and Nat Baker at American Soccer News.

I'm pleased as punch to announce Seeing Red!  The New York Soccer Roundup.  Each week during the upcoming MLS season, we'll bring Red Bulls fan an independent view of what's happening on and off the Red Bull Arena pitch.

Give us a listen, won't you?


Jason Davis said...

Ouch, man. Ouch.

Mr. Fish said...

I am so so sorry. Omission corrected.

Host PPH said...

oh do you do podcasts?? I had no idea, but I am so happy to find out, where can I download your podcasts?? I am very interested in listen to them