Saturday, September 06, 2008

Super Soccer Saturday

Despite the scribblings of MLS Asst. Commissioner Ivan Gadzidis, tonight's scheduled MLS matches are a complete fiasco.

However, it'll be a great night for sports bar viewing if you can convince the local barkeep to keep two sets on soccer. I'll be at FATS in NYC on W. 33rd Street for the US-Cuba and Fire-Red Bulls matches.

Cuba remains a complete mystery for the Yanks, who'll play the match in Havana, then vamoose before Ike hits the island.

The Red Bulls match revolves around a single matchup: the ability for New York M Dane Richards to use and abuse Chicago second-string rookie D Mike Banner. Chicago's D is by far the stingiest in the league, but without Gonzalo Segares (out on national team duty), Richards is the key to getting to Fire goal.

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