Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Revenue, Pause, and Progress

Some quick midweek news/notes for ya:

Revenue: DC United takes the plunge with the Volks folks in a multi-year, multimillion dollar shirt sponsorship package. The scum, if you squint your eyes a bit, look a little like Flavor-Flav. Check 'em out Thursday night on the Deuce vs. FC Flat Screen.

Pause: There are a lot of demands being made on superstar-to-be Jozy Altidore. He's here, he's there, he scores almost everywhere. He's darn tired, and may not make the trip to LA this weekend for the Red Bulls' match with FC Hollywood.

Progress: New Red Bull Park slideshow up. Hooray for concrete!

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Host PPH said...

I think that they did a great job to securing that multi million t-shirt sponsorship.