Thursday, August 02, 2007

Three of Four in Superliga Semis

So what did we learn from the group stage of the first Superliga? We learned that in-form MLS sides can handle top Mexican clubs doing their preseason thing. We learned that fans will turn out to see the tourney (especially in LA, where Chivas de Guad. remains a strong draw). We learned that Alan Gordon can finish, and that the Galaxy (without Goldenballs) are jelling as a team. We learned that MLS clubs did well to adapt to the playing styles of the FMF team.

However, with three MLS team in the Superliga's Final Four, will the momentum continue? A healthy Becks will go a long way toward drawing a crowd for the 8/15 Gals-DCU semifinal. Will the Hispanic crowd the SUM and MLS are so trying to reach tune in for an all-MLS semi? The other semifinal pits Houston and Pachuca, albeit at 10p ET on the 14th, a start time which may keep fans and television viewers away. I can't imagine that the powers that be are rooting for an MLS v MLS final, but one can't deny how well the Creamsicles are playing.

Red Bull Mess
First there were stories about Red Bull buying out AEG's half of the officially stalled Red Bull Park project. Then there was a rumor that club GM Marc de Grandpre was sacked, to be replaced by an Austrian overlord. Then apparently the practice facility plans were nixed. The ESC is preparing a protest due to rough treatment from Giants Stadium security.

Any and all momentum that the team had from it's strong start in May has plummeted. The dark cloud that has dogged this franchise for a dozen years has returned. Once again, it's no fun to be a Metro fan.


judasdac said...

Whether or not the Mexican Clausura sides where in their "preseason" --- they aren't; it's a break between seasons --- has little to do with what happened on the field in the Superliga.

I watched all of or major parts of all 12 1st round games and I can promise you that the Mexican sides took these games and this tourney deadly seriously.

A lot of the players in these games know each other from Mexico-USA encounters and, well, they hate one another no matter the jersey.

To qualify the Superliga games by saying it's the "preseason" for Mexico's teams devalues the competition and in no way reflects the intensity and level of play shown in the Superliga games.

Mr. Fish said...

True, but intensity and fair measure of competition is another. I appreciate that the FMF teams are "in a break," but isn't that preseason? or post-season? Certainly not in season.

If press reports are to be believed, MLS clubs have achieved a measure of respect from the FMF clubs and their fans.

Just as the US National Team has one last hill to climb in CONCACAF (at the Azteca), when MLS clubs can win South of the Border, that's when US-based Eurosnobs & the like will take notice.

I guess what some fans are looking for is the inclusion of SuperLiga into the global club championship structure. That can't come in one year, but hopefully will soon.

Thanks for your comment!