Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's so ON

DC blogger extraordinaire D from The DCenters has entered into a friendly wager with yours truly for the new season. When NY finishes ahead of DC United at season's end, D will proudly wear a Red Bulls scarf and shirt to a DC United match. A photo will be taken of the happy event, and said photo will be posted on his aforementioned blog. Should be a great time.

Of course, should the opposite occur, I'll appear here in DC colors. The thought is really atrocious, so come on, New York!


D said...

Proudly... shamefacedly... same thing.

Let's do this thing. You're so cute in black.

Oh yes, it's on.

Nick said...

Very cool...everyone looks good in Black:) I have to admit the standings look strange right now with NY at the top. No way it ends this way.

Oh would need to be the home BLACK jersey!!! Same goes for D home NY jersy.