Friday, August 11, 2006

9/19/06: When the Shovels Hit the Ground

Since 2000, the team formerly known as the MetroStars have been trying to build a home of their own. Six years after stating their intentions, AEG and Red Bull say they will begin construction of Red Bull Park in Harrison, NJ, on September 19th which, I must note, is only 38 days (not 60, not 90) from today. Given the delays that the Harrison project have endured since the turn of the century, fans of the team have learned to take such proclamations from former Metro GM Nick Sakiewicz as... well... untruths. However, the involvement of Red Bull seems to have pushed the project into the land of reality. The latest stadium rendering is nothing short of beautiful. The timing of the release, late on the day before the Red Bulls take on Barcelona, should provide some powerful press for the Saturday newspapers. Have a nice weekend, indeed.

Eurosnobs and MLS Fans: Happy Together?

Ives Galarcep has a terrific piece on Soccernet today about the need to unite American soccer fans of both the Euro and domestic game. It's a must read. So read it, please.

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