Friday, January 20, 2006

Another Marvell-ous Marv in the Big Apple

With Amado for EJ talk falling through, as it appears that the GAM is headed to the Wizards for Josh Wolff, The Lalas & Mo show sent El Lobo to the HDC for a reunion with former Metro & current Chivas USA coach Bob Bradley on draft day today. In return, the SuperClub on the Passaic got the first pick, which it used to snag U-20 and UCLA D Marvell Wynne. A good move? Time will tell, but before today, the Metro seemed pretty strong the back, with Graham, Hernandez, Regan, Parke, Mendes, and Stammler on the roster. With Amado and Gaven seemingly out the door, will Canero and Henderson be enough to pick up the midfield slack?

CORRECTION: Big Apple Soccer reports that it's Jason Hernandez on the way to Chivas, not Amado. Where will El Lobo wind up? Stay tuned...

At the pre-draft fashion show, Rob Stone noted that the Houston team name and uni will be introduced Wednesday in H-town. Hopefully adidas will add a unique color (orange, green, purple) to the MLS palette.

On the draft webcast, Commissioner Garber noted that an announcement for the league's 14th active club (a midwestern club) may be made in the 60 days. Does this mean that Peter Wilt's Milwaukee club will be a reality? St. Louis? Cleveland? Hmm.

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