Friday, October 14, 2005

Down to the Wire

There’s so much about MLS to complain about. A quick visit to the BigSoccer N&A board will bring some salient topics to mind. However, with such a meaningful game at hand Saturday night in Dallas, it truly is a shame that TV coverage can’t be pulled together for the match. Surely there’s a few grand sitting in Don Garber’s petty cash account to get three high-quality cameras to the Deep Dish for an internet video broadcast. Announcers aren’t even needed (many fans would welcome the change, I suspect.) Hopefully the Hoops will give life to the Metros' playoff aspirations by dispatching the Wiz, and hopefully the Metros won’t be too distracted by the, um, talents of Chivagirl Adriana (pictured) to deliver the Metro Nation into a two-match playoff series with New England. The Revs, on a 1-2-2 slide, may be vulnerable come playoff time.

For your viewing pleasure... here are this weekend's TV highlights:

7:30am: EPL: Wigan-Newcastle, FSC
10:00am: GER: Stuttgart – Moenchengladbach, FSC
12noon: EPL: Chelsea - Bolton, FSC
12noon: ITA: Siena – Udinese, RAI
2:30pm: ITA: Juventus – Messina, RAI
3:00pm: ESP: Dep. La Coruna – Barcelona, GOL
6:00pm: MEX: Atlante – UAG, GALA
7:30pm: MLS: New England-Chicago, DK
7:30pm: MLS: DC United - Columbus, DK
7:30pm: MLS: Los Angeles – San Jose, FSC, DK
8:00pm: MEX: Chivas –Morelia, TELE
8:30pm: COL: Real Cartegena – America de Cali, GOL
10:00pm: MEX: Necaxa – Cruz Azul, TELE
12mid: MEX: Tigres-Atlas, GALA

SUNDAY, Oct. 16
9:00am: ITA: Lazio – Fiorentina, FSC
9:00am: ITA: Inter Milan – Livorno, GOL
11:00am: ITA: Caglari – AC Milan, FSC
11:00am: ESP: Osasuna – Celta de Vigo, GOL
1:00pm: EPL: Birmingham – Aston Villa, FSC
1:00pm: MEX: Unam – Toluca, UNI
3:00pm: ARG: River Plate – Boca Juniors, FSC (The SuperClasico!)
3:00pm: MEX: San Luis – Veracruz, GALA
4:00pm: MLS: Chivas USA – MetroStars, ESPN2
5:00pm: FRA: Lyon – Ajaccio, FSC
6:00pm: USA: Women’s NT – Australia, ESPN2
9:30pm: BRA: Palmeiras – Corinthians, GOL


maradawga said...

Actually, there are massive attempts to the get video to the site except that the T-1 connection scheduled for the press box won't be in until closer to MLS Cup and right now they have only one DSL line for all their media and can't get another one for two weeks.

And they can't get cable installed because of an agreement with Verizon.

Mr. Fish said...

So frustrating. I'd don't know if you've noticed, but the "Official" Pizza Hut Park site hasn't been updated since...June 27th.

maradawga said...

Right, which is why all these teams and fans bitch about their site not looking "individual enough" yet when they try to do it on their own they never do as good a job as we do.

Le sigh.

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