Wednesday, August 18, 2004


This season, I'm playing 3 NFL Fantasy Games on Yahoo!
-Fantasy Football
-Pick 'Em
-Survival (Suicide) Pool

To increase participation & have a little more fun, I'm putting up the first "Commishkin" Prize: 2 tickets to a 2005 NFL game (your choice of team) to the person that is the greatest pigskin prognosticator.

Here's how it'll work:
For each game, players will receive points for their weekly ranking. i.e. 1st place among 8 teams = 8 pts. 2nd place = 7 pts, Last place= 1 pt. The person with the most points across all three games will be the winner.

Weekly standings will be posted on my little-used blog, The Kin of Fish at

Obviously, it behooves you to enter as many of the three games as possible. To find out how, send me an email at